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Sanford James
Sanford James is an Editorial Editor for ‘The Science Survey’ and a Student Life Section Reporter for ‘The Observatory.’  Sanford believes that writing allows an author to inform and educate others by disseminating ideas, and this philosophy motivates him to write about pertinent events and topics in his community.  Sanford believes that photography is the preeminent medium to chronicle events for future reference. In his free time, Sanford enjoys skiing, tinkering with electronics, coding, listening to music, and visiting malls across America.  Outside of school, Sanford consults for businesses in the Retail and Technology sectors, with prior work at Fortune 500 companies and local businesses. Sanford believes that businesses should be stewards that leave a positive impact on their respective communities.  Under this philosophy, he enjoys running businesses that he has co-founded, and one of his prior retail ventures include New York City’s first RadioShack Dealer store, a holiday pop-up in a former ToysRUs express for the 2018 holiday season. Sanford has also completed multiple technology projects related to network architecture, data management, and security, as well as AV systems at flagship retail stores in Times Square, Union Square, and SoHo.  Sanford is an active volunteer at a number of local charities, and serves as the Director of Community Relations for a Queens-based holdings company, managing annual donations and charitable events on behalf of the company. While Sanford’s first venture had humble beginnings in video production, he currently does not intend to take a career path directly related to journalism, but rather one in business law.

Sanford James, Staff Reporter

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Sanford James