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Byul Sak
Byul Sak is a Staff Reporter for ‘The Science Survey’ and Caption Editor for the ‘Observatory.’ She is passionate about reporting on politics, studying the journalistic works of others to gain insight on different issues from different points of view, and photographing people in a candid world. Through candid photography, being able to tell the unfiltered, unstaged, stripped-down stories of the unknown heroes of the world is to her, the most appealing aspect of journalistic photography. She sees a certain power in the images carried in such raw photography. Aside from clicking away at Nikon D7000s, Byul is a devoted figure skater pursuing both solo and synchronized team skating, and also loves making music. She sings and writes her own songs from time to time, and utilizes her piano and guitar skills to accompany her vocalizations. She is an aspiring neurobiologist, and plans on studying brain sciences in college, as well as philosophy as a potential second major or minor. Though her primary interests lie primarily in the science field, Byul undoubtedly appreciates journalism and photography, and does not disregard journalism as a potential career path.

Byul Sak, Staff Reporter

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Byul Sak