Bronx Science’s Engineering Opportunities


Estee Yi

A member of the co-ed robotics team, the Sciborgs, is hard at work!

Among the many opportunities that Bronx Science has to offer, engineering is a major course that students participate in throughout their four years. As ninth graders, first coming into the school, students can take Elements of Engineering. In this class, they are introduced to many concepts and learn a variety of tasks such as creating a working LED circuit, designing models on Tinkercad, using a 3-D printer, as well as several others! These experiences and lessons lay the foundation for future classes such as Experimental Engineering, class seniors can participate in after taking Chemistry and Physics. In addition to this, students can gain more hands-on experiences in this field by joining one of the two robotics teams! The Sciborgs and FeMaidens are both determined and cooperative teams that have continuously received awards and won competitions for their hard work!

A senior is focused on his project for Experimental Engineering. (Raitah Jinnat)
During Elements of Engineering, a group of ninth graders paint the pieces of their assignment. (Anna Buhler)
The all girls’ Robotics team, the FeMaidens, is pictured after they won the 2019 New York City Regional Competition!
(Akaneh Wang)
Students collaborate and have fun while transforming their idea into a reality.
(Yi Lan Zhang)
Sheikh Islam ‘23 stays after-school to help his robotics team!
(Jiwon Y)
A student uses hot-glue to assemble the parts of his project. (Lola Murti)
An upperclassman focuses on improving and creating her piece of work.
(Nabeeha Alam)
A ninth grader works on building a virtual house on Tinkercad.
(Jackson Trauben)
An upperclassman uses a saw to cut a portion of wood. (Junseo Lee)