Our Diversity of Clubs


Estee Yi

A student pours batter into a cupcake tray during an Edible Arts club meeting.

In the after-school hours of Bronx Science, students find themselves in various parts of the building having fun and accomplishing many tasks. Similar to the wide range of courses that the school offers, there are several distinctive and creative clubs in which to participate. Students can incorporate ideas that they are passionate about into these clubs as well as seize the opportunity to de-stress with friends. From baking desserts to advocating for environmental awareness to learning how to dance, there’s something for every student to enjoy!


Mayesha Soshi
The Model UN team prepares for their SciMUNC tournament.


Samama Moontaha
Students in NASHA practice their South Asian dance choreography.


Saad Khandakar
Members of Makerspace have fun working together!


Pamela Li
Students care for the guinea pigs in the Animal Room.


Audrey Hill
Members of the National Organization of Women (NOW) engage in conversations and work on making posters.


Samama Moontaha
Key Club members enjoy making “Thank You” cards.


Pamela Li
A student practices playing the Chinese yo-yo at Lunar New Year Productions Club.


Lavanya Manickam
A member of the Muslim Student Association draws a henna tattoo on another student at their fundraiser.


Jaymie Paredes
Students at the League of Animal and Environmental Production (LEAP) work on creating posters that convey important messages.