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Sofia Mahairas, Staff Reporter

Sofia Mahairas is the Editor-in-Chief of ‘The Sciencey Survey’ and a Staff Reporter for the ‘The Observatory.’  She enjoys journalism because of the close connections journalists have with people being interviewed. She enjoys this process because it allows any one person to share their opinion and feel like they are heard.  She also enjoys being able to capture a specific moment in someone’s life through photography, and being able to bring out strong feelings simply from a well taken photo. Sofia enjoys other forms of creative writing such as short stories, memoirs and poetry.  She plays soccer, and was the Captain of the Bronx Science Girls’ Varsity Soccer team. Sofia enjoys listening to music, and plays piano. Sofia always looks forward to travelling back to Greece to see her family, eat, and go to the beach. She is still unsure of what she wants to study in college, but she is sure that either way, writing is going to play a major role in her future.  

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Emma Tierstan-Nyman ’20 in her “söderböna” shirt, which loosely translates to “a girl from Söder” in Swedish.

[Photo] Loud and Proud?

Leann Goldberg, Staff Reporter
March 18, 2020
At Bronx Science we take a more hands-on approach to learning about journalism.  “I love working with all my fellow journalists to provide the school with exciting and engaging news,” said Daniela Castro Garcet ’20.

Battle of the Newspapers

Sofia Mahairas, Staff Reporter
March 4, 2020
The 2019-2020 Senior Council members, pictured from left to right: 
Tyler Pelayo ’20, Michael Clerkin ’20, Marc Lim ’20, Rishi Amladi ’20, 
Shmuel Padwa ’20, Deandra Cornelio ’21, Rachel Lu ’21, Cindy Cai ’20, Cassandra Ng ’20, Darya Lollos ’20, Daniela Castro ’20, Cynthia Chu ’20, Sofia Mahairas ’20, Ula Pranevicius ’20, Mr. McNickle.  
Missing: Cameron Leo ’20 and Suzune Montag ’20.

Attention Class of 2020!

Sofia Mahairas, Staff Reporter
December 17, 2019
Geetika Sewani ’20 comments on her preferred major, but explains how she is still not completely sure.

To Major or Not to Major?

Sofia Mahairas, Staff Reporter
September 9, 2019
Blake Frank ’20, the pianist, practicing his part for the piece.

Perfecting Brahms

Sofia Mahairas, Staff Reporter
March 23, 2019
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Sofia Mahairas