Recognition for New Bronx Science Clubs


Eva Xie

Amanda Francisco ’20 poses with one of her creations from the DIY Club.

Bronx Science is famous for its academics, its large variety of sports teams, and of course its unique and interesting clubs.  Bronx Science has over 70 clubs, that each specialize in various topics. Some are related to music and art such as the Chamber Musics Club and the Starving Artists Society.  Others are related to culture such as Vivo Latino! and the Muslim Students’ Association. The list of Bronx Science clubs expands more and more every year. Let’s take a look at a few of the new clubs created for the 2019-202o school year. 

Best Buddies

The Best Buddies Club is actually a high school charter of the Best-Buddies Organization.  The club works to educate people about intellectual developmental disabilities (IDD), and create friendships and connection for those with IDD.  “Best Buddies forms one-on-one friendships between students with and without IDD, helping to create life-long bonds and end social isolation and stigmas surrounding disabilities” said Maya Schuchert ’20.  The club’s President is Pema Lama ’20, the Vice President is Caroline Bradley ’20, and the Secretary is Maya Schuchert ’20. They created this club in hopes of educating themselves and others, while also creating lasting friendships.  “It’s a great way to volunteer with your friends and make new friends, while also supporting a great cause” said Schuchert. The club meets Tuesdays in Room 334.

DIY Club

The DIY Club takes advantage of the more creative side of Bronx Science students.  This club provides an environment for students to explore hands on activities such as arts and crafts.  The activities are usually planned out before hand, and usually follow a specific theme or are catered towards a particular event.  “It the meantime, we hope that we can give back to our community through the lasting relationships we’ve built with outside organizations such as hospitals” said Eva Xie ’20.  At DIY Club you can choose to keep the artwork you made, or donate it to outside organizations. The President of the club is Eva Xie ’20, and the Vice President is Sheikh Jobayar ’20.  DIY Club meets every Thursday in Room 207.

“It’s a great way to volunteer with your friends and make new friends, while also supporting a great cause,” said Maya Schuchert ’20.

Acapella Club

Acapella Club was started in an effort to expand the arts opportunities that are driven by students at Bronx Science.  Its inspiration came from the many acapella clubs that can be found on college campuses all over the country. “I saw a lot of really cool acapella clubs on my college tours, and I came back here and thought we should have something like that here at Bronx Science too,” said Amanda Caress ’20.  As the club leaders are still in the process of setting everything up, for now the club members are getting to know each other, and each other’s voices. Their plan for next year is to be able to share their efforts with others by singing at old age homes. “This is a way for all of us to collaborate and do something we love, but also do something that others can really benefit from and enjoy,” said Caress.  The current President of the club is Ilana Segal ’20, and the Vice President is Amanda Caress ’20. The club meets Fridays in Room 322.

Photography Club

Photography Club was created to take advantage of a different artistic side of Bronx Science.  The goal of this club is to introduce the beauty of film photography from polaroids, disposable cameras to real film cameras.  “If our budget allows us to, we would even like to develop our own films in darkrooms,” said Darlene Park ’21. They also plan on studying the methods and techniques of various famous photographers.  The President of the club is Darlene Park ’21, and the Vice President is Amalia El Nems ’21. The club will begin meeting with a regular schedule next year so keep an ear out for them.

Writing Club

Writing Club was created with intent of providing students with a time to write freely.  They encourage all types of creative writing, but they also have prompts to use for inspiration.  “I wanted a space where I could write freely, but also keep myself accountable and make sure I spent some time writing every week,” said Amanda Maeglin ’20.  Often times there are discussions about the students’ writing, and there’s always an option to share what you’ve written with the club members. The tone of each meeting is usually dictated by how all the members are feeling, so it can be very flexible.  The President of the club is Sofia Mahairas ’20, the Vice President is Emery John ’20, and the Secretary is Amanda Maeglin ’20. Writing Club meets on Thursdays in Room 216.   

  Game Theory/Economics Society

The Game Theory and Economics Society is a club whose goal is to teach the fundamentals of game theory and how it can be applied in the real world.  The founders started the club out of fascination towards game theory. Game theory is made up of theories that explain why humans make some of their most basic decisions, and helps people predict the outcomes of situations.  “We wanted to learn more about Game Theory, and we wanted to give Bronx Science students the opportunity to understand this branch of mathematics that is quite different from a traditional high school mathematics course,” said Gidget Rosen ’20.  The club meetings are insightful, and they usually involve a presentation followed by an interactive activity. The President of the club is Menasha Thomas ’20, and the Vice President is Gidget Rosen ’20. Game Theory meets Wednesdays in Room 102.