Attention Class of 2020!

Seniors of the class of 2020, this is a message for you! Ninth graders, sophomores, and juniors, unfortunately, I must ask you to wait your turn.


Anika Rahman

The 2019-2020 Senior Council members, pictured from left to right: Tyler Pelayo ’20, Michael Clerkin ’20, Marc Lim ’20, Rishi Amladi ’20, Shmuel Padwa ’20, Deandra Cornelio ’21, Rachel Lu ’21, Cindy Cai ’20, Cassandra Ng ’20, Darya Lollos ’20, Daniela Castro ’20, Cynthia Chu ’20, Sofia Mahairas ’20, Ula Pranevicius ’20, Mr. McNickle. Missing: Cameron Leo ’20 and Suzune Montag ’20.

I am sure we all know that senior year is almost halfway done. We have worked on our college essays in English class, met with our guidance counselors (way too many times!), and unfortunately, we’ve probably shed a tear or two. The college process is difficult; we have accepted it. However, as the school year is in full swing, the inevitability of our college supps is just as real as that of our senior events!

To lighten your days at school, Senior Council has been hard at work planning the many school events you will see throughout the year. Senior Council members meet 2-3 times a week to discuss, plan, and prepare all types of events ranging from graduation, prom, and homecoming, to senior shirt day and various spirit days.

One of the biggest events Senior Council is working on right now is graduation. “Graduation is going to be awesome,” Senior Council president Shmuel Padwa ’20 said. “Last year’s was super cool, and I want ours to be even better than that. It’s going to be the pinnacle of our high school career and it’s going to be great.” These are confident words coming from our senior council president, and it’s exactly what we want to hear. However, a “great” graduation and prom are not as simple as they sound. “Right now the hardest part is finding vendors willing to work with us,” Padwa said. “Some are too expensive, and some aren’t being communicative with us, so we are trying to remedy that.”

The Senior Council Homecoming committee was also hard at work planning Homecoming, which took place on November 27th, 2019. Homecoming consisted of the annual basketball game, as well as a few surprising new additions. “In the past, students have treated Homecoming as a regular day,” Padwa said. “We tried to make Homecoming a little bit more contained, and gave students more exciting incentives for them to come,” Daniela Castro ’20 said.

This year’s senior council is doing things a little bit differently than last year. “I have taken a much more active role this year, setting up bureaucratic structures, and making responsibilities clear,” said Senior Class Advisor Mr. Daniel McNickle. “I have empowered this year’s senior council in ways that I have not felt comfortable doing in previous years,” continued Mr. McNickle.
Mr. McNickle has one more message for the senior class of 2020: “Read your e-mails,” he said, “but specifically the ones from me!”

“Read your e-mails,” he said, “but specifically the ones from me!” said Mr. McNickle, Senior Class Advisor.