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Anika Rahman
Anika Rahman is a Chief Graphic Designer for ‘The Observatory.’ She has worked with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator since the seventh grade, creating and selling books covers for self-published authors during her free time. She enjoys being able to manipulate pictures and other graphics digitally, as it gives her complete control over the story behind each and every single picture. Outside of school, you can find Anika reading and writing fictional stories, baking goodies for her friends and family, volunteering to help with different projects at UNICEF during the weekends, or aimlessly strolling through Central Park with her cat named Cat. She loves watching rom-com, horror and action films, her favorites being all the Avenger movies. Besides her incessant interest in creative writing and graphic design, Anika is partial to learning about business innovation and fashion. Though she does not have a fixed mindset now, Anika wishes to pursue a career in finance or fashion.

Anika Rahman, Staff Reporter

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Anika Rahman