The Arts at Bronx Science


Milène Klein

Crafts for Humanity club allows students to create crafts for charities and good causes.

Despite the strong focus on academics, the arts are alive and well at Bronx Science. Students are required to fulfill an arts requirement before graduating, which many complete in their sophomore year or during summer school. We offer art classes such as AP Art History, painting, digital music, and multiple performance groups. Additionally, students interested in the arts can join the fall musical, spring play, or S!NG, which is a production that is completely produced by students. We also offer numerous clubs such as Urban Dance club, improv club, and more. Bronx science has a multitude of opportunities for students interested in pursuing their artistic side.

Jean Namgung ’20 and Owen Tumer ’20 co-starred in the fall production of ‘Bye Bye Birdie.’ (Jillian Chong)
Babou Gaye ’20 also starred in the fall musical.(Daniela Castro)
A student works on a piece in Fashion and Design club.(Suzie Yu)
A student works on her piece in painting.(Olivia Chen)
Photography is a popular class, where students learn how to use Adobe Photoshop.(Anika Rahman)
Ben Kofman ’20 plays trumpet in a Jazz Club meeting.(Marina Mengual)
A student practices cello in Chamber Music Club.(Darlene Park)
For students who can’t commit to the course itself, painting club allows students to paint in a low stress environment.(Suzie Yu)
Students work with cameras in Photography club.(Darlene Park)