Sports at Bronx Science: Highlights from the Girls’ Varsity Basketball Winter 2019-2020 Season


Karen Phua

Here is the team photo of the Girls’ Varsity Basketball Team.

Though Bronx Science offers many different sports varying from golf to badminton, one of our most well-known teams is the Girls’ Varsity Basketball team. They are known for doing well in competitions against other schools. They have risen through the ranks and continue to beat other teams each year. This year, they ended their season with only 2 losses compared to 15 wins. These numbers are very hard to achieve and show how good our Basketball team really is. These photos are action shots of the girls playing. Sports photos can be some of the most interesting to look at because of all the action captured in time. Basketball is no different; whether it’s crossing the court or shooting the ball, it always catches the viewers attention and tells a story.

Here a team member is practicing shooting. (Lavanya Manickam)
In this photo, a team member is shooting while in a game. (Lavanya Manickam)
In this picture, a student is shooting the ball over another team member. (Sofia Mahairas)
In this photo, a student is crossing the ball behind her to trick a member of the opposing team. (Sofia Mahairas)
One of the team members is dribbling across the court in this picture. (Sofia Mahairas)
Here, a student is jumping high to try to get the ball through the hoop. (Sofia Mahairas)
In this photo, a player is throwing the ball to her teammate and dodging the opposing players. (Karen Phua)
In this picture, a student is shooting the ball past an opposing team member. (Sofia Mahairas)
This student is lunging for the ball so that the other team doesn’t get it. (Margaux Reyl)