March 2020 Advice Column


Mayesha Soshi

Daniela Castro Garcet ’20 and Sofia Mahairas ’20 have a brand new Advice Column!

Hello Bronx Science! This is Daniela Castro ’20 and Sofia Mahairas ’20 speaking. Back by just our own demand, the Bronx Science Advice Column is back in action.  This time, however, we are doing things a bit differently. YOU guys are the ones who get to pick what WE write about. Just ask your senator for the link to the google form, and start submitting questions (don’t worry it’s all anonymous). Happy reading and thank you to all of those who submitted the questions for this issue!


Hi, I’m a junior completely stressed out about college already. My grades are all fine except my AP Physics grade. How badly will this impact my chances?


Hey, thanks for writing! Junior year is stressful for everyone, so you’re far from alone. Remember, you will be fine. Some classes are bound to be harder than others, and, needless to say, AP Physics is not an easy class. Doing poorly in one class, especially an AP, is neither as bad nor as uncommon as you might think, and it’s definitely not the end of the world. Colleges do not expect you to be perfect! This does not mean you should stop trying your best and let your grades drop. As long as you are doing as much as you can, don’t let just one class psych you out– and remember, college is not the end-all be-all. No matter where you end up, if you’re willing to put in the work, you’ll get where you want to go.

 How can I get soap and paper towels for the bathroom when they are missing?


You can email the school custodians at [email protected] with any bathroom issues you may have, and if something’s really an issue, feel free to tell a custodian or staff member nearby.

Where can I find a book that may not currently be in the library? 



Fortunately, you have a couple of options with this one. First, I’d ask our amazing school librarians. If they can’t help you out, you can take a quick trip to your local public library and look for it there.  Through the process of inter-library loans, if the book isn’t at your local library, you can shipped it from any other library in NYC, either by asking your librarian or using the New York Public Library website! You can read more about this process on


How do I cope with the fact that I may not get accepted into my first choice college despite struggling for three years at Bronx science? ;(


We’re so glad you brought this up— this is so relevant this time of year! As a Bronx Science student, it’s pretty likely that the person who holds the highest expectations for you is you. Take a deep breath. You’re not letting anyone down, even if you do get rejected, and you’re not alone; many seniors are feeling the same exact thing. The college process is difficult. It’s hard during the application process and it becomes even harder once results start rolling in. It’s easier said than done, but know that you shouldn’t compare yourself to others. The decision of one college, even if it’s your dream school, doesn’t define who you are and how smart you are. It’s okay to be sad for a little bit, but then you have to realize that your first choice college is not the only school you can love. Remember to keep an open mind because there are so many more schools out there. Either way, you should stay positive and think about the goals you want to accomplish in the next part of your life. Be open to committing the next four years to the place that’s right for you.

As a Bronx Science student, it’s pretty likely that the person who holds the highest expectations for you is you.