Bronx Science’s Student Organization


Lola Murti

The amazing team behind Wolverine TV!

Bronx Science’s Student Organization is a diverse and creative team that consistently works hard to deliver entertainment for the school! In the past year, cabinet members pulled off several enjoyable events such as Monster Mash, Winter Wonderland, and Cupid’s Bash. These events are an incredible way for students to have fun and express their school pride. In addition, the members of the school’s Wolverine TV produce weekly videos for students to watch during homeroom. Although, students and faculty are currently quarantined due to COVID-19, members of the Student Organization continue to create Wolverine TV content and virtual events. In fact, students have been competing in online game tournaments and recreating album covers of their favorite artists. Bronx Science wouldn’t be the same without this team!

Celeste Abourjeili
Members of the Student Organization dress up in front of the Haunted House.


Afifa Areya
Cabinet members have fun while decorating the school walls.


Lola Murti
Students participate in Grade Color Day for Spirit Week.


Darya Lollos
Behind the scenes of Wolverine TV, the video editors are hard at work.


Mayesha Soshi
A cabinet member works on sorting Valentine’s Day carnations and cards.


Nabeeha Alam
A student celebrates Cupid’s Bash.


Maury Ahram
The Bronx Science community watches performances during Cultural Day.


Lola Murti
Students show school spirit dressed up for Pajama Day!