Visions of the Future: New Developments in Long Island City


Isaac Rjavinski

There is a communal courtyard for the companies working in the building, available for use once the Coronavirus pandemic restrictions are lifted.

While touring a potential office for work, once the appropriate phase of “re-opening” happens, I thought to take some pictures of the new developments and constructions that have resumed with the Phase One of re-opening the city. Friday’s particular trip took me to the land of shiny new high-rises across the river that is Long Island City, Queens. Here are some pictures that I took.

Here is the City Bike docking station, the transportation method that I used to get to LIC. (Isaac Rjavinski)
New condominiums look like they were just recently completed. (Isaac Rjavinski)
There is a budding skyline for Queens’ riverside neighborhood. (Isaac Rjavinski)
The sun shines down on the cars of the new residents. (Isaac Rjavinski)
There are numerous new buildings that are reflective of all of the new jobs growing in the area. (Isaac Rjavinski)
New ccan beondos are under construction, peeking out from behind old construction. (Isaac Rjavinski)
A beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline can be had from the office tower. (Isaac Rjavinski)
Green spaces always beautify an area! (Isaac Rjavinski)
A new skyline will breathe new life into New York City. (Isaac Rjavinski)