Phase 2: What Lies Ahead for New York’s Scenery


Isaac Rjavinski

Flowers bloom on the car-free street to definitively herald the start of summer.

Today, June 22, 2020, marks the beginning of Phase 2 of the re-opening plan for New York City as we enter just one phase behind the rest of the state, which is now entering Phase 3. Pursuant to that, many businesses have opened back up in New York City, including hair salons, restaurants, and construction sites. In addition, months of practice with mask wearing and social distancing have created opportunities for Bronx Science students to responsibly meet up with their friends outside of school. I met up with Emma Basch ’20 last week, and here are some of the photographs that we took.

Still waters and clear skies means that the time of good weather is back in NYC. (Isaac Rjavinski)
The reservoir of Central Park reflects the beautiful skyline. (Isaac Rjavinski)
Here is an old 1812-era fort in Central Park that Emma showed to me. (Isaac Rjavinski)
Isaac Rjavinski
Emma Basch ’20 enjoys the shade as New York City warms up for the season. (Isaac Rjavinski)
Here I am, looking down at the turtles trying to warm up, while I’m desperate to cool off. (Emma Basch)
Cooper Hewitt Museum’s courtyard remains eerily empty, as museums are not slated to reopen till a later phase. (Isaac Rjavinski)
Other facilities, like this gym, will also likely wait many more months before once again being able to accept patrons. (Isaac Rjavinski)
The condominium across the street from the Q train resumes construction to hopefully welcome new residents during uncertain times. (Isaac Rjavinski)