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Rossitsa Mina Petrova, Staff Reporter

Rossitsa Mina Petrova is a Copy Chief for ‘The Science Survey.’ She enjoys representing her school and community through journalistic pieces that unveil hidden wonders often lost to the eye. For her, journalism is a way to educate, illuminate, and entertain. She loves capturing heartfelt and wondrous occasions in photography that are often lost when the moment passes. For Mina, journalism is about preservation and bringing to light stories that otherwise would have been kept hidden in the dark. She is invigorated every time she searches for an idea. She prefers the excitement of in-person interviews, carrying her notebook and pen everywhere she goes. She feels the necessity to always be prepared to document a story. Journalism never takes a day off, she likes to say. In her free time, Petrova busies herself with extracurriculars at school and on her own time. She enjoys cross county, track, painting, and writing poetry. Mina loves journalism to the extent that she is considering pursuing it as a career. She wants to keep the magic of print newspapers alive and continue to represent small communities with journalistic writing that covers both domestic and international stories. Her main interests in her writing are about global warming and the environment. Her articles focus on both problems and solutions to the climate crisis on a small and large scale. Mina believes that journalism that educates and inspires positive change is vital for today’s fickle world.

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Rossitsa Mina Petrova