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Karen (Asahi) Ono, Staff Reporter

Karen (Asahi) Ono is an Arts & Entertainment Editor for the ‘Science Survey.’ He enjoys interacting with media with diverse audiences and content, especially media on queer and racial narratives. He appreciates how journalism can be used as a tool to reach a wide variety of audiences on underrepresented social and political issues. It gives a voice for people who have been oppressed, and allows for others to see how different events impact certain communities. He has had an interest in photography since middle school, often going on walks to observe and take pictures of the city. Asahi believes journalistic photography is a way that a person can expose themselves to many different cultures and ideas, similar to Arts & Entertainment journalistic articles. He aspires to major in the social sciences in college in order to equip himself and others to fight for equality among all.

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Karen (Asahi) Ono