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Ella Yellin ’22 (pictured at right) said that she has been practicing her instrument, the tenor saxophone, during the lockdown in order to relieve stress and to pass the time.

Lockdown Blues For Musicians

June 20, 2020

As our country shut down in March 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic, so did musicians’ prospects o...

Six episodes of Mrs. America are currently available on Hulu.

Feminists, Housewives, and the Equal Rights Amendment: A Review of ‘Mrs. America’

May 9, 2020

Mrs. America, playing now on Hulu, depicts the campaign by the Women’s Liberation Movement during the...

Print out this crossword box so that you can fill in the answers at home!

Disney Crossword

May 2, 2020

Note: To complete the crossword at home, simply click on the crossword box, print it out, and fill in...

Harvey Weinstein’s trial was held at the State Supreme Court in Manhattan.

Harvey Weinstein Convicted

April 7, 2020

#MeToo It’s the hashtag that signifies the social media movement that has given thousands of women ...

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