September 2022 Crossword: New York City History Theme


Maggie Schneider

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3. Katz’s Delicatessen order since 1888

5. Structure that was tested by having 25 elephants walk over it

6. Magazine whose monocled mascot debuted in 1925

8. Area designed by Frederick Law Olmstead

10. Jazz Age piece publicly announced before the composer had decided to write it

11. Industrial Era calamity for the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory

12. Original headliner at Birdland

14. Site of a legendary 1969 riot

17. Destination arrived at after seeing the Statue of Liberty, once

18. Algonquin Hotel figure



1. Annual event whose guests have included Kermit the Frog and the Pink Panther

2. Notable Studio 54 patron

4. Style of journalism for Nellie Bly and Jacob Riis

7. Onetime event showcasing innovations such as the “electric staircase” and fax machine

8. Establishment famously occupied by Patti Smith

9. Period for Zora Neale Hurston and Louis Armstrong

12. Club where the Talking Heads and Blondie once performed

13. City establishment with the slogan “Greenwich Village’s Swingingest Coffee House”

15. Outdated form of payment for the MTA

16. Monarch once melted in Battery Park