May 2021 Crossword: LGBTQ+ Icons Theme


Maggie Schneider

Print out this crossword box so that you can fill in the answers.

To complete the crossword at home, simply click on the crossword box, print it out, and fill in the boxes using the clues below!


8. Rock musician who sang “Come to My Window”

10. Women’s soccer star named 2019’s FIFA player of the year

13. Colorful music and activist duo?

14. S.N.L. cast member who might be seen impersonating 6-Down

16. First transgender woman on the cover of Time magazine

17. Host of an iconic drag show

18. Author of The Picture of Dorian Gray

19. Genderfluid Australian model and Batwoman portrayer


1. Television writer who donned a notable rainbow cape at the Met Gala

2. Queer essayist who coined the term “camp”

3. Writer and co-founder of Gay Men’s Health Crisis

4. New York poet laureate known for her intersectional activism

5. Out San Francisco politician of the 1970s

6. Comedian who famously came out on “The Puppy Episode” of her sitcom

7. He’s still standing (after all this time)

9. S.T.A.R. activist and Stonewall figure? 

11. English codebreaker with an eponymous amnesty law

12. Playwright of Angels in America

13. Actor known for her role as Angel on Pose

15. Costar of 13-Down and wearer of eye-catching fashion pieces



8) Melissa Etheridge

10) Megan Rapinoe

13) Indigo Girls

14) Kate McKinnon

16) Laverne Cox

17) RuPaul

18) Oscar Wilde

19) Ruby Rose


1) Lena Waithe

2) Susan Sontag

3) Larry Kramer

4) Audre Lorde

5) Harvey Milk

6) Ellen DeGeneres

7) Elton John

9) Marsha P. Johnson

11) Alan Turing

12) Tony Kushner

13) Indya Moore

15) Billy Porter