We've got the news down to a science!

The Science Survey

We've got the news down to a science!

The Science Survey

We've got the news down to a science!

The Science Survey

Johan Wichterle, Staff Reporter

Johan Wichterle is a Chief Photographer and Photography Editor for ‘The Science Survey’ and ‘The Observatory.’  Throughout his life, Johan has taken a profound interest in photography, and he enjoys capturing moments of everyday life.  He has taken many photography classes outside of school, where he focused mainly on street photography. Besides photography, Johan is an avid skateboarder and member of the Bronx Science Boys’ Varsity Tennis Team.  He enjoys skiing, as well as any excuse to be in nature. Additionally, he works with iMovie and Adobe After Effects to make cinematic videos portraying New York City life. In college, Johan plans to major in Biomedical Engineering, with Photography as a second major.  Some of Johan’s favorite photographers are Ansel Adams and Robert Frank. They inspire him to look at the world in many different perspectives and to keep an open eye.

All content by Johan Wichterle
This fall, Amy Liu ’19 will attend Northeastern University and Ivy Tong ’19 will attend the University of Rochester.

[Photo] Next Stop: College!

Aaron Wu, Staff Reporter
June 30, 2019
The celebration included a multiplicity of fun arts and crafts projects to promote awareness for the environment.

[Photo] Be FAIR to the Earth

Katherine Doss, Staff Reporter
June 1, 2019
 Students get on the dance floor and perform a dance routine during the Winter Wonderland festivities.

[Photo] Winter Wonderland

Tina Ou, Staff Reporter
January 15, 2019
Students in a Coding for All class run programs in the computer lab.

[Photo] Principal For the Day

Tiffany Chen, Staff Reporter
March 22, 2019
Located in the back of the cafeteria and marked by the characteristic verdant green color of its tables, the senior section of the student cafeteria is a popular social destination.

[Photo] A Wrinkle In Time

Michelle Li, Staff Reporter
December 8, 2018
Zoe Chen ’19, Cassie Tian ’19, and Lauren Handler ’19 work together on an assignment during a Post-AP Evolution Lab, one of the new courses on offer this year.

[Photo] A New Year, Many New Courses

Taylor Huang, Staff Reporter
December 5, 2018
Donald Marron discusses his life and work with student interviewer Max Porlein ’18.

[Photo] Donald Marron ’50

Jemma Lasswell, Staff Reporter
May 30, 2018
Ellen Kaden discusses the impact that Bronx Science has had during her career, with Leah Yoes 18 for The Science Survey.

[Photo] Ellen Kaden ’68

Leah Yoes, Staff Reporter
May 30, 2018
Maxwell Allison ‘18 interviews David Botstein ’59 in front of students 
about his career in the library multipurpose room.

[Photo] David Botstein ’59

Brianna Le, Staff Reporter
May 30, 2018
Min Jin Lee ‘86 tells The Science Survey about how she wrote her book and her experience at Bronx Science in an interview.

[Photo] Min Jin Lee ’86

Alexandria Ang, Staff Reporter
May 30, 2018
Wanda Austin signs her name in the Hall of Fame book.

[Photo] Wanda Austin ’71

Winni You, Staff Reporter
May 30, 2018
Millstein smiles as he is inducted into The Bronx Science Hall of Fame.

[Photo] Ira Millstein ’43

Imaan Hoque, Staff Reporter
May 30, 2018
Kristina Ang 18 holds a one-on-one interview with King Lai in the Alumni office.

[Photo] King Lai ’78

Kristina Ang, Staff Reporter
May 30, 2018
Barry Mazur accepts a plaque for his induction into the Hall of Fame from the current principal of Bronx Science, Dr. Donahue.

[Photo] Barry Mazur ’54

Serena Wu, Staff Reporter
May 30, 2018
Karin Rabe explains computational materials physics to students.

[Photo] Karin Rabe ’78

Meghan Tan, Staff Reporter
May 30, 2018
Taubman stands to talk to a group of students

[Photo] Howard Jonas ’74

Bridget Kulscar, Staff Reporter
May 30, 2018
Cryer is interviewed in the auditorium by Lakhsmi Chatterjee ’18.

[Photo] Jon Cryer ’83

Anna Clevenger, Staff Reporter
May 30, 2018
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