Is the 2018 New iPhone Worth It?

A controversial release examined in detail.


Johan Wichterle

Students spend their lunch period watching shows on their iPhones.

Since the release of three new Apple smartphones on September 12, 2018 — the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max — there has been controversy over the increasing prices, despite only a few impressive new features.

While featuring a liquid retina display, seven-nanometer A12 Bionic chip, IP67 protection from liquids and dust, and a faster face ID, there are few genuine advantages compared to the older models.

The designs were very similar to the iPhone X, which has been discontinued since the release. When the iPhone X first debuted November of last year, it too had impressive features, such as Face ID and the first full screen. Customers were surprised when the phone was announced during the presentation since it was a complete change from the iPhone 7 released the previous year.

Although the pre-order of the new iPhone has been sold out already, customers still wonder if the purchase was worth the money. With the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max priced at $749, $999, $1099 and up, respectively, these iPhones nearly rival the $999 MacBook in price.

“The bigger the screen, the better.”

In its new releases, Apple also abandoned its 3.5mm headphone jack adapter, which was previously included with iPhones lacking headphone jacks. This has made connecting the phone to certain accessories extremely difficult. As a result, personal audio can only be utilized through the headphones provided at purchase. “I am always losing my headphones, and I always have to purchase new ones. However, the ones I purchase needs the adaptor that iPhone provides. Without it, there is no way that I would be able to listen to music. This is forcing us to purchase AirPods or bluetooth headphones, which are also extremely pricey,” said Benjamin Hu ‘19. The Apple AirPods and Beats headphones are currently priced at $159 to $400 without sales tax.

There have also been complaints from consumers about the battery pack in their phones. Some IPhone XS and XS Max phones are having charging issues through the lightning port included in their purchase. The phones have been glitching on and off when charging, and worse, failed to charge completely.

Additionally, people don’t find the new iPhones worth it because of the new software upgrade. The iOS 12 provides any iPhone with the same upgrades and changes as new phones do. However, many people still think it is worth purchasing the new phones because of their aesthetic.

Many consumers are also not sold on the increase in the size of smartphones. The new phone sizes are 5.8, 6.1 and 6.5 inches, about two inches longer than the first ever iPhone released in 2007. With these increased screen sizes, many find the new phones inconvenient. They are a lot heavier than before, and larger phones have been hard to carry and hold with one hand. “Especially for women’s jeans with pockets not as deep as compared to men’s jeans, larger phones become extremely inconvenient and bulky to carry around, ” said Valerie Dou ’19.

As smartphones’ screen sizes increase, they also progressively lose their sole purpose, immediate accessibility. “I prefer the size of smartphones to stay thin and small because that makes them easily accessible,” said Simrah Safia Billah ’21. On the other hand, many people are enjoying the larger phones. Whether users are watching T.V. shows or playing video games, larger phones can provide a better user experience. “The bigger the screen, the better,” said Abu Monaf ’21.

Despite the fact that the size and worthiness of the new smartphones has sparked public debate in the public, but since its launch in September, its pre order has been sold out already on the Apple Website.