Be FAIR to the Earth


Johan Wichterle

The celebration included a multiplicity of fun arts and crafts projects to promote awareness for the environment.

Youth advocacy for sustainability has grown throughout the past few years and Bronx Science has definitely kept up with it, raising awareness for the preservation of the environment frequently. Without taking proper care of the environment, humans wreak havoc not only for the Earth, but also themselves.  “We are only destroying ourselves, our health, future, and happiness. I care because I will not stand for taking advantage of the greatest gift we were given at birth — life itself,” said Alysa Chen ’19, president of LEAP and one of the founding members of Green Team. One event held on Friday, May 31, 2019, showcased students’ love for the environment: the Earth Day Fair.

The organizers of the annual celebration hoped to empower students to make a change for the community and support the environment. “The first step towards acceptance is education, and what we seek to do here is educate. I’m sure many Bronx Science students want to be environmental, but they aren’t sure where to start and are reluctant to sacrifice certain creature comforts and conveniences,” said Michelle Li ’19, secretary of LEAP.

This education took place in the form of fun activities, such as the clothing swap. Students brought in any articles of clothing they no longer used or wanted. In exchange, they could take a few pieces that other students had donated. Everything left over from the swap was donated in order to re-purpose the cloth, saving valuable local resources. “Every shirt you choose to recycle and not throw out saves the 2,700 liters of water needed to make that shirt. That’s enough for one person to drink for 2.5 years, to put it into perspective,” said Chen.

Johan Wichterle
Students donate unwanted clothing to the clothing swap.

Since the fair has had a two year hiatus, it was vital for LEAP and Green Team to convince skeptical students that they can believe in their importance to the cause, and that sustainability is possible for everyone. Simply interacting with the fair’s activities gave students the resources to help the environment as prizes, such as metal straws, were given out based on students’ participation.

At the event, students and staff had access to a wide variety of eco-friendly products and activities, from student-made artwork to recycling games. In addition, students were able to taste sustainable foods such as fruit smoothies and vegan cookies, stocked with enough options for everyone’s dietary needs.


Gazi Fuad
Excited students play a recycling game, learning the importance of recycling while also having fun.

Events like this are not the same without the full involvement of the school community, and LEAP and Green Team have ensured that as many people as possible participated in the development of the fair. Plans included collaborations with Dynamo and Painting Club for artwork, World Culture Cooking Club and Edible Arts for food, Jazz Club for entertainment, and environmental classes such as Green Design, Marine Biology, AP Environmental Science, and Horticulture for a showcase. All contributions to the event were from members of the school, connecting everyone to the important cause for the community.

Johan Wichterle
Jazz Club serenades participants in the celebration, promoting a fun and lively atmosphere.

Chen and Li hope the celebration was successful in convincing skeptical students that despite the dire statistics scientists have released regarding the environment, they can believe in their importance to the cause. All who, like Li, “take pride in being an inhabitant of the Earth,” are encouraged to continue to become more active environmentally.