Next Stop: College!

The Class of 2019 proceeds to prepare for their college life.


Johan Wichterle

This fall, Amy Liu ’19 will attend Northeastern University and Ivy Tong ’19 will attend the University of Rochester.

By now, all of the seniors have already decided on where they are going to for college. However, although their college application and anticipation process officially winds down, students, who are now set on where they’re going, are preparing for their college independence, including finding financial aid, ‘dorming,’ choosing majors and extracurriculars, and mapping out the college life.

Members of the class of 2019 are spreading out towards different locations in the world. Some students are continuing their studies in the city, while others proceed to another part of New York. Some students are going to the other side of the country and some are even going to another country. Due to their different destinations, their unique and new living environment are bound to change their lifestyles as they march into adulthood. As independence grows, responsibilities and the ability to make your own decision also rises; so how are different people going to adapt to their new lifestyles?

To many, the cost is the most important factor before going into a college. It’s even crucial before the choosing process, as students are trying to avoid borrowing student loans for their studies. Compensating for food cost, ‘dorming,’ tuition, and more, students seek out for financial aid so they can contribute to lowering its cost. Finding a job also quickly becomes a vital task due to the urgency of being able to self-support.

Of course, the college life would not be complete without ‘dorming.’ Whether it’s ‘dorming’ in a four-person room with your close friends, or being in a double with a complete stranger, these decisions proves to be crucial for your first year. “I’m going to be attending the University of Rochester this fall,” Ivy Tong ’19 said. “I want to room in a triple bedroom. However, since I don’t know anyone going to the same college, I will be rooming with people I barely know.” Your new residency, including the people living with you, can either vastly influence your habits and schedule.

“I’d like to work go into space exploration! Working for, and maybe someday directing, NASA or SpaceX is my dream,” Jordan Sanchez ’19 said.

Luckily, for those who are staying in New York city, they are able to stay home when college begins, because their commute remains minimum. This lifestyle reserves the parental relationship and allows you to have more freedom and privacy as you’re living with the people who shares the same blood as you.

Finally, it’s time to discover interests and career. Though many people already set a clear path to follow, there are also many people who are entering college without a set major. This is no easy decision as your major affects your occupation. “I’d like to pursue a joint concentration in astrophysics and physics at Harvard University,” Jordan Sanchez ’19 said. “I’d like to work go into space exploration! Working for, and maybe someday directing, NASA or SpaceX is my dream.”

It’s clear that not everyone’s life is going to be the same, but as a union, the class of 2019 is a force to be reckoned with. As the seniors prepare, or even already attended, their respective orientations, they’ll learn more about their college, and eventually be able to map out how their college and future is going to be like.