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Tiffany Chen, Staff Reporter

Tiffany Chen is the Managing Editor/Advisory Editor for ‘The Science Survey’ and a Groups Section Staff Reporter for ‘The Observatory.’ Her role consists of keeping the class on schedule and meeting deadlines. She enjoys interviewing people for her articles and conducting research online and in person. As a journalist, Tiffany argues that writing is appealing because it allows the writer to share her ideas and form some sort of argument or story on a topic that the writer deems important. In other words,  it is a medium of communication. Moreover, journalistic photography serves a similar purpose in that it reveals the aspects of a story using one sense with factors that were carefully decided on (like the focus, angle or proportions of the picture). Aside from writing, Tiffany likes to watch movies and dramas that incorporate sounds along with images to tell their story. Although she is unsure of what she plans on studying in college, Tiffany is sure that it will be related to a science like engineering or health, in order to understand and explore the world on a different level. However, there is a chance that she may pursue a career in photography due to her personal interest and fascination of viewing the world from behind lens.

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Tiffany Chen