No Age Limit For Halloween

Fun and creative teacher costumes


Tiffany Chen

Spanish Teacher, Mr. Francisco Uceda, plans on dressing up as something related to Spanish or Latin culture.

Regardless of the day, it is rare to see Wiz Khalifa casually walk by to teach a physics class.  This is, however, exactly what Bronx Science Physics teacher Mr. Brian Lam dressed up as a few years ago.

Previously, Mr. Lam has dressed up in a variety of different costumes, including Amber Josephine Liu, a popular Korean Pop idol. This year, he may dress up as Marshmello, a popular music producer. “I like his music and thought it would be an easy costume,” said Mr. Lam.      

Tiffany Chen
Physics and engineering teacher Mr. Brian Lam, who will dress up as music producer Marshmello.

Many students have dressed up for this one day every year, planning to go trick-or-treating after school as a tradition dating from the early years of their childhood. However, as time passes, many question when someone becomes “too old” to dress up. Here at Bronx Science, however, teachers have dressed up year after year, showing that you can never grow out of Halloween.

“I enjoy it when some teachers dress up for Halloween. It makes them more relatable.”

For instance, Ms. Kim Brooks, English teacher, has dressed up as a cat woman with the classic cat ears and cat tail to perfect her outfit. “Bronx Science has a very friendly Halloween environment compared to other places,” said Ms. Brooks. Our school’s Monster Mash, Halloween trick-or-treat deliveries, lunch time games, and costume competitions between students, all play major roles in fostering a relaxed environment on this day. Additionally, it is where students look forward to lunch time celebrations and candies given out in homeroom, to satisfy one’s sweet tooth.

Tasnia Chowdhury ’19 finds the idea of teachers dressing up to be interesting and fun, as a means of people sharing the spirit of Halloween. “I enjoy it when some teachers dress up for Halloween. It makes them more relatable,” said Tasnia Chowdhury ’19.

To some teachers, Halloween has proven to be an outlet from their everyday lives, a chance to be someone or something else. “I think it’s fun!,” said Mr. Francisco Uceda, a Spanish teacher who regularly dresses up for Halloween. He has maintained a tradition of Halloween costumes representing famous artists in history, such as Picasso and Diego Rivera.

Ms. Wendy Qiu, who teaches AP Computer Science, wishes to dress up as something related to technology to reflect her own profession. Mr. Charles Barone, Biology teacher, on the other hand, plans to dress up as a soccer coach due to his own interest in the sport and the fact that many of his students play the sport. “I love the beautiful game, and it’s a good opportunity to find people who also enjoy soccer,” said Mr. Barone. However, although there are many teachers who dress up individually like Mr. Barone and Ms. Qiu, other teachers “share the spirit” by dressing up in a group.

When both the simple and unique costumes that reflect interesting facts about the teachers are displayed, it develops a closer relationship within the Bronx Science community, especially for those who choose not to leave Halloween behind as a memory of childhood.