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Jeanette Lee, Editor-in-Chief

Jeanette Lee is the Editor-in-Chief and Layout Editor for ‘The Science Survey’ and an Advisory Editor for ‘The Observatory.’ She finds the most appealing aspect of the class to be the ability to unearth truths and intriguing information about a certain topic or individual. For three years, she has heard the voices, opinions, and stories of many members within the Bronx Science community, and this has been enriching for her. For Jeanette, taking photographs allows her to capture a certain moment in history forever; the ability to encapsulate emotions and stories within a limited space makes her treasure photography as an art form. Jeanette’s favourite pastime is playing volleyball and organizing small spaces. Although she is aspiring to go to medical school, Jeanette remains open to other fields, and hopes that she will narrow down her options by listening to the testimonies of professionals in different fields.

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Jeanette Lee