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Kaitlyn Chan, Staff Reporter

Kaitlyn Chan is a Managing Editor/Advisory Editor for 'The Science Survey.' She values the art of writing as an expression of her creativity and individuality. By writing for the school newspaper, she hopes to communicate and spread awareness to students about school-organized events, academic and athletic news, extracurricular activities as well as current events, as well as encourage others to participate in the Bronx Science community. She believes that photography is an essential aspect in journalistic writing because it allows readers to better understand and envision a story. Furthermore, the visual approach taken by pictures and illustrations embellishes the words of an article, drawing the audiences’ attention and effectively creating lasting memories and impressions. Aside from writing, Kaitlyn’s favorite pastimes include baking, watching Netflix, doing puzzles, journalling, and spending time with family and friends. She is always open to trying new activities, traveling to new places, and exploring unfamiliar cultures and cuisines. Kaitlyn is a strong advocate for body diversity and mental health awareness, as well as greater rights and representation for disabled individuals. Outside of the classroom, she is a member of S!NG as well as organizations such as Each Mind, which is dedicated to raising awareness for mental health. Kaitlyn has also founded her own organization called Perfectly Imperfect, which focuses on spreading body positivity. Kaitlyn enjoys spending her time working with disabled children and tutoring low-income students. Her passion for working with children, coupled with her interest in neurological disorders and diseases, has inspired her to want to pursue a career in pediatric/adolescent neurology.

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Kaitlyn Chan