Going Back in Time: A Review of School Events in the Fall 2017 Semester


Ada Cheng

A group of Class of 2018 seniors pose in their senior t-shirts to celebrate their senior year.

Students and teachers wearing costumes. A large group of seniors wearing the same t-shirt pose for a picture. Students playing basketball. These are some of the best memories from school events in 2017 that seniors have enjoyed the most. Seniors enjoyed these events the most because they were able to have fun with their friends and take some time to de-stress and enjoy their last year of high school.

“Monster Mash was a lot of fun! I got to dance along to the music with my friends during lunch, and the games were fun as well,” said Gene Lam ’18. The dance floor was dark and packed with students enjoying the variety of music played by the DJ. Students also enjoyed features like the disco ball and the tattoo stand. Aside from the games and the free food, The Monster Mash was an event to remember, because it was an opportunity to socialize and to meet more people. Although seniors have spent the past three and a half years at Bronx Science, there are still many people they have not met due to the sheer number of students enrolled at our school. Many students, especially upperclassmen, do not have multiple free periods; they only have a lunch period. Since Monster Mash is held during lunch periods, students met a lot of new people there, forging new friendships under the groovy disco lights.

Seniors also enjoyed senior T-shirt day because it represented their friendships at a glance and showcased the unique personality of each friend group. All around the school, groups of friends were easily spotted, because they were all wearing the same shirt. Aisha Saleem ’18 really enjoyed senior T-shirt day because, “it’s a day to display our inside jokes, so everyone else can guess them.” These shirts will be a physical memory for students after they graduate, and a way for them to remember their closest high school friends.

“Now that 2017 is over, 2018 will only bring more memories and fun events for the seniors.”

Jonah Jurick ’18 really enjoyed the November 2017 Pep Rally. “The Pep Rally was really fun. It was great seeing old friends,” said Jurick. In addition to reuniting with graduates, the basketball game at the Pep Rally reflected the competitive nature of the two different class years, since the recent alumni played against the current Boys’ Varsity Basketball team. There was lots of cheering and camaraderie.

Now that 2017 is over, 2018 will only bring more memories and fun events for the Class of 2018 seniors, such as prom and graduation.

Michael Ho
Students dance during the annual Monster Mash celebrations.











Samira Ashif
Alumni pose with current students during the November 22, 2017 Homecoming celebrations.