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Michael Ho
Michael Ho is a Staff Reporter for ‘The Science Survey’ and a Groups and Section Editor for ‘The  Observatory.’ He admires journalistic writings because he believes in the freedom of information for the people and the right of the people to know what is going on in their communities, country, and the world. He is also an advocate for the first amendment and his interest in journalistic writing stems from this interest. In addition, Michael finds that journalistic photography helps to tell a story. As the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” By taking pictures and sharing them, Michael believes that photos effectively and efficiently spread a message amongst everyone. Photographs also reach a larger audience as there are no language barriers associated with photographs. Outside of school, Michael really enjoys traveling. His favorite places to visit are Seattle, Victoria Island, Taiwan, and Iceland. During his free time, he plays tennis with friends. In college, Michael wants to go to law school or business school. He sees himself writing works of nonfiction or news articles, possibly for news outlets like the Associated Press in his future.

Michael Ho, Staff Reporter

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Michael Ho