Mental Health Week Gets a Makeover


Michael Ho

Science student takes a long swing at the High Striker during the S.O. Carnival.

Mental health weeks at Bronx Science are some of the most eventful times of the school year. From Coffee House karaoke sessions to yoga days to emotional cartography events, students look forward to these activities to indulge in moments of peace, fun, and solitude in the midst of their busy school days.

For the final Mental Health Week this year, the lineup of events included Coffeehouse Monday, Tuesday Mindfulness,  and the Relaxing Activities Fair on Wednesday, which included adult coloring and agility ball. On Thursday and Friday, there was a debut of an Art Gallery and our annual carnival, respectively. “My favorite part of this week was the change in atmosphere during lunch time. There was always something going on to help us enjoy the school day a little more and really helped in uplifting my spirit,” said Rajaa Elhassan ‘19.

With heads out of textbooks and up at the high striker, our Friday Carnival is always a hit among the students. Balloons and banners adorn the cafeteria walls and hang across the courtyard while students congregate in droves to take a shot at games like Shuffleboard and Fish Bowl Ping Pong. Not only were students able to win tickets to redeem prizes, like candy, but there were special additions of two new food trucks for the day as well as the usual popcorn and cotton candy stations. “I loved that we were able to enjoy tasty waffles from Waffles and Dinges while  playing a game of shuffleboard during the carnival. For a moment, I even forgot that I had a math test during the next period,” said Nuzhat Bhuiyan ‘21.

“For a moment, I even forgot that I had a math test during the next period,” said Nuzhat Bhuiyan ‘21.

The May 2018 Mental Health week was planned and coordinated by the Student Council. The goal was to end the year off on a positive note, and a lot of hard work was dedicated in and out of school to make the week a success.  “We had our first ever art gallery, handed out mental health resource flyers and stress balls, and planned a carnival that ran smoothly and accounted for our large student body,” said Artea Brahaj ‘19, a lead in this initiative.  

For many, this was also a celebration that commemorated our Class of 2018 seniors and their last time at a Bronx Science carnival. “As a senior in student council, we’ve worked on a variety of initiatives and events with great impact, and I just don’t want to think about leaving the family that I made this year. Bronx Science Mental Health Week will truly be missed,” said Maya Orantes ’18.