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Ada Cheng
Ada Cheng is a Staff Reporter for ‘The Science Survey’ and an Athletics Section Reporter for ‘The Observatory.’ As a people person, she enjoys journalistic writing in that she is able to encounter, meet, and interview people of all sorts. She loves to depict the people she interviews with photographs, making sure to embody their personalities through the pictures that she captures. Ada is also an avid runner on the Girls’ Varsity Cross Country team as well as the Indoor/Outdoor Track team. She loves running on the weekends and participating in meets. Outside of school, Ada is extremely passionate about teaching and working with kids. She has been on a service trip to Ghana where she taught students in a local village. In college, she hopes to double major in Education and Psychology. She aspires to become a teacher who teaches underprivileged students around the world. In ten years, she hopes to see herself to have already travelled to several countries and have met and experienced various cultures.  Upon travelling, Ada wants to create vlogs that show her journey and experiences throughout the globe.

Ada Cheng, Staff Reporter

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Ada Cheng