The Artists at Science


Ada Cheng

Kristina Ang ’18 is attending Parsons in the fall, fulfilling her designer dreams.

Bronx Science is well-known for being filled with a wide-range of talented students. From Speech and Debate to Regeneron research, to track and field, there is no doubt that we possess many gifts. However, aside from the trophies and Regeneron research posters, our school is decorated with many works of art from our own students. Walking down the second floor hallway, we notice the beautiful work posted on the walls. Brightening up the school hallways, these works of art by our student artists typically fly below the radar in school.

Emma Mohammad ’18, a talented Bronx Science artist who will be attending Barnard this fall, began her journey as an artist when she saw her older sister drawing cartoons from television. Drawing is a way to relieve stress for Mohammad, as college applications and schoolwork put a lot of pressure on her this year. Though she has a lot of work, she still dedicates time to to work on her art.

“I like to draw and paint, because it requires no thought and I’m just able to portray whatever I feel without having to think about it,” she said.

For many of our artists, drawing is an outside world beyond school, allowing them to express their emotions and creativity on a piece of paper. Mohammad emphasized how the best part of creating art pieces is seeing her ideas become tangible.

Kristina Ang ’18 focuses on designing and sewing. She will be attending Parsons, a school known for fashion, art, and design in the fall. Her work gives her complete creative freedom outside of school. Everything in her world bursts with color Her passion for design comes from watching runway shows from brands like Chanel, Givenchy, and Dior. These brands fuel her inspiration to create her collection of fashion designs. Looking back on her old work, Ang cringes at it, but she is proud of the progress she has made. She continues to consistently improve her work.

“I definitely think my technique got better with time. I truly think that practice does make perfect, but even now, my work is not perfect,” Ang said.

She looks up to other designers in awe as their collections inspire her to create more designs of her own. She hopes to be as successful as them one day as she chases her dreams of becoming a high fashion designer.

Arturo Guillen ’18 uses art as an escape from the stress of Bronx Science. As a kid, art has always played a role in Guillen’s life. As a kid he always had his nose stuck in a coloring book, working with legos, or sculpting with play-dough. Guillen said, “I was always drawn to the expression shown through all sorts of art form. It was always so intriguing to create a world of your own whether that be on a page or canvas or the side of my notes.” His most recent piece of artwork was a digitally edited photograph. In comparison to his first work of art, which was a character with lasers shooting out of its eyes, his newest piece has more meaning. “Creating things that have a purpose for existing and that could stand alone to tell a story if the observer thinks enough about it,” Guillen said.

It is clear that our school is filled with more than just athletes, debaters, and scientists. The artists of our school are important to our school’s diversity, even if they sometimes go unnoticed in the halls of our school. Without our student artists, our school hallways would not be as vibrant as they are now.

Ada Cheng
Emma Mohammad ’18 showcases her sketchbook, filled with personal art pieces.