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Nuzat Zaman
Nuzat Zaman is a Senior Staff Reporter for ‘The Science Survey’ and the Groups Section Editor for ‘The Observatory.’ Before writing an article, Nuzat conducts research on relevant topics and interviews different students and faculty members. Nuzat finds journalistic writing to be interesting because she believes that it is essential for telling people what is occurring. Nuzat also believes that photographs are just as important as articles themselves because they tell half the story. In her free time, Nuzat enjoys reading books and going out with her friends. In the future, she plans to study science. Nuzat sees herself taking photographs in the future, because photography is interesting to her, and she enjoys looking at aesthetically pleasing pictures. She also sees herself writing to inform others about current events or just writing her opinions.

Nuzat Zaman, Staff Reporter

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Nuzat Zaman