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Abigael Sidi, Staff Reporter

Abigael Sidi is a Staff Reporter for ‘The Science Survey.' She has loved writing for years and has joined every newspaper she could since elementary school. She’s always loved journalism for its investigative angle that digs deep into what may appear to be an obscure and unknown story. She has always appreciated the devotion of journalists to their topics and their determination to provide not only a compelling and enjoyable piece but also an informative one that successfully educates readers. She firmly believes in the importance of journalism and keeping it alive. She also values photojournalism for the visuals that it provides to readers; Abby thinks that giving readers an optical perspective of a story always helps draw them in and retain the information they read. Outside of school, she loves to read mystery, thriller, and romance novels, as well as listen to music. In fact, she will frequently do both at the same time. She also loves to travel to new places with her family and discover new food dishes as she goes. Her journalistic experiences have led Abby to have high respect for all journalism and journalists, and she hopes to continue it in some capacity in the future. Even though she hopes to pursue a career in politics, she recognizes the advantages that journalistic skills will provide for her and will always have a love for the art. She is confident that she will look to see the newest articles on The New York Times every morning for years to come.

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Abigael Sidi