Animal Behavior at Bronx Science


Jean Namgung

In this picture, a student is showing her artwork to the camera.

Bronx Science offers a vast selection of classes and clubs. They range from Cooking to AP Physics C to the Animal Behavior class. This class studies animals, not only through lessons but also through observations. They have guinea pigs and reptiles that are studied as part of the class, and they are taken care of by the Animal Behavior club. Students in the Animal Behavior class also visit the Bronx Zoo for their lab days. This class reveals that students at Bronx Science will always find classes to suit their interests. It’s very special to have so many different opportunities at Bronx Science and to be able to find something that you love. The Animal Room gives a place for animal lovers and students who are interested in the behaviors of these animals. 

Here a guinea pig is being held in a student’s hands. (Spencer McQuaig)
Here baby guinea pigs are interacting with their mother. (Spencer McQuaig)
Here a student is holding a guinea pig up to his chest. (Spencer McQuaig)
In this picture, a student is holding a guinea pig in her arms. (Spencer McQuaig)
In this photo, students in the Animal Behavior room work together on their computers. (Jean Namgung)
Here a student is drawing a reptile. (Jean Namgung)
In this photo, a student is coloring in her drawing. (Jean Namgung)
In this photo, students are collaborating on their computers. (Jean Namgung)