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Ellora Klein
Ellora Klein is a staff reporter for ‘The Science Survey’ and an Athletics Editor for ‘The Observatory’ who is interested in gaining new perspectives and knowledge through other people’s writing. The aspect of journalistic writing she enjoys the most is seeing how people interpret different pieces of writing and the reactions and opinions that can be formed through unbiased journalism. She is also intrigued by journalistic photography and the way a photo can preserve a moment in time and help in telling a story. Ellora is a member of the cross country team, indoor track team, and softball team, and enjoys physical activities outdoors. She also loves drawing and different forms of design, and interned at Christie’s Auction House in the summer. Ellora has travelled around the world, and plans to continue in college through spending time abroad as a foreign exchange student. She is interested in studying either literature or design, and would love to continue pursuing journalism in college. She hopes to have a career in some form of art or literature based company, and would love to continue her athletics.

Ellora Klein, Staff Reporter

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Ellora Klein