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Edie Fine
Edie Fine (she/they), an Editor-in-Chief for ‘The Science Survey,’ is thrilled to be on the journalism staff for a second year. She loves telling stories, especially through dance, visual arts, and creative writing, alongside journalistic writing. She believes that the human narrative is complex and special, and deserves to be told in all forms. She is also a community organizer, and thinks that good journalism is necessary in order to deepen critical discourse surrounding our current state. She believes that individual human stories are at the crux of every macro political discussion. She has helped to develop many projects that center on writing: with the climate justice network that she works with (Extinction Rebellion Youth NYC), helping to establish a blog, producing a series of guerrilla zines, and creating a guidebook on community organizing. Edie’s love for writing and literary arts also manifests in her love of the Bronx Science literary magazine, 'Dynamo,' a club that she has been attending since ninth grade. She is now the Senior Editor of 'Dynamo.' Edie thoroughly enjoys reading existentialist fiction, anything by James Baldwin or Toni Morrison, and absolutely anything even touched by Patti Smith. In the future, she hopes to pursue a non-linear career where she is able to write journalistically, to continue her work in advocacy and organizing, and to merge the powers of art and activism.

Edie Fine, Staff Reporter

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Edie Fine