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Carolyn Chui
Carolyn Chui is a Copy Chief for the ‘The Science Survey.’ She enjoys writing articles on politics, business, and international relations. Carolyn loves to write both news articles and op-eds because the news is critical in helping people to understand the world and current events. Carolyn loves that she can share her opinions with readers. Her favorite journalistic photos to take are in-the-moment sports photos. Carolyn believes the best photos are those that can capture a great moment and make it timeless. She thinks that action shots are the most exciting because of how animated and spontaneous they are. Also, Carolyn loves to travel to foreign countries to photograph nature and urban life. Carolyn would like to go to medical school and becoming a cardiologist. She believes that journalism and photography will be a hobby to balance out working in a hospital all day.

Carolyn Chui, Staff Reporter

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Carolyn Chui