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Mian Hua Zheng, Staff Reporter

Mian Hua Zheng is the Editorial Editor for ‘The Science Survey,’ and a Sidebar and Captions Editor and Academics Section Staff Reporter for ‘The Observatory.’ She enjoys journalism because of how it allows her to highlight the successes of others and spread creativity through the whole student body, whether it is through the school newspaper and yearbook, or through leading ‘Exposition,’ Bronx Science’s Social Studies publication. Since her freshman year, Mian Hua has been part of the S.O. Cabinet in school as a student advisor. In her free time, she enjoys baking sweets, watching romantic comedies, and reading mysteries. In her future, Mian Hua wishes to pursue the field of anthropology as it relates to pharmacology in college, and to maintain a hobby of writing fiction and journalism on the side.

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Mian Hua Zheng