Junior Prom 2018

The new ‘Mailroom’ venue proves to be a hit with juniors


Mian Hua Zheng

A group of juniors crowd around a table hockey game with excitement during Junior Prom.

Surrounded with gold key-holed mail boxes and glittering baskets of tea lights and chocolate candy, the Mailroom held junior prom this year. Tucked away in the basement of 110 Wall Street in downtown Manhattan, juniors walked down the steep steps to be greeted with the night club venue, to the theme of “Enchanted Forest” with vines, mason jars of glitter, and flickering fairy lights decorated by the event committee on May 19th, 2018. As more and more exuberant voices livened up the dark room with the leather couches being filled on seat by seat, all attendees danced the night away at a new and revamped junior prom event.  

Mian Hua Zheng
The Mailroom was filled with vintage arcade games flickering all throughout the night.

In past years, j-prom has been held on a boat, with party goers traditionally snapping aesthetic pictures by the water before departure. This year, the j-prom committee decided to try something new of having the event on land to counter past cons of having to leave late attendees and having to think of obstacles such as the weather and water currents.This was especially true this year with the event day having rainy weather, with bouts of pouring rain all throughout the evening.  “I think the change of location was a nice difference from past years; it’s good to mix it up sometimes!” said Umayma Hasan ’19.

“I really liked the energy and the overall chill feeling of the venue,” said Josephine Ng ’19.

Throughout the night, a variety of food was served, ranging from mozzarella covered pasta to simmered tender fish. With the addition of three bright spinning disco balls and ceiling to floor length mirrors surrounding the pillars of the room, the Mailroom, though darkened, was filled with colorful lights and laughs all around. The DJ played song after song, ranging to Britney Spears to LMFAO throwbacks. Juniors were able to play vintage arcade games including pinball, table hockey, pacman, and more endlessly. “I really liked the energy and the overall chill feeling of the venue,” said Josephine Ng ’19.

With gift favors of a chic black water bottle, a rustic log pencil, colorful bubbles, and fluffy socks, attendees left the venue well supplied, as they danced out in the rainy evening.