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Chaiya Milowic, Staff Reporter

Chaiya Milowic is an Editorial Editor for ‘The Science Survey.' She enjoys debates and sharing and listening to others’ opinions. Although she finds objective writing interesting, she has always been drawn to the art of subjectivity and the room it leaves for interpretation and creativity. Writing has opened her eyes to new perspectives and beliefs. She has been working with cameras for years outside of school and finds journalistic photography to be a crucial element in articles. She finds it most appealing that a picture can seemingly tell a thousand words when taking journalistic photography. In Chaiya’s free time, she enjoys playing basketball, spending time with family, and creating new things whether they are paintings, poem, stories, or even a makeup look. In the future, she plans on pursuing a career in psychology, hoping to eventually earn her PhD and become a clinical psychologist. As writing has always been her main interest since childhood, she intends to continue writing and produce articles on her psychological findings in the future.

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We can see the moon in detail from a telescope lens on Earth, but most people will never experience seeing it up close in real life. This doesn’t even account for all the other planets and aspects of space we have yet to discover in our lifetime.

The Confinements of the World

Chaiya Milowic, Staff Reporter
December 28, 2023
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Chaiya Milowic