“And as Always…” Wolverine TV During Quarantine

Bronx Science’s Wolverine TV is a classic played on the school’s TV Network every Thursday. In times of change and uncertainty, the crew continues to produce videos for the community to enjoy.


Darya Lollos

Tasnimul Rafid ’21 Lola Murti ’21 are the Wolverine TV anchors for the 2019-2020 academic year. While the two cannot wear their classic matching outfits to film at school, Murti still enjoys producing content at home because she is able to learn more about students’ and teachers’ lives outside of school.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, many media companies have recently begun producing their content remotely. CNN anchors are filming their segments from their basements, the SNL cast members are airing Zoom calls, and Global Citizen is hosting virtual events where musicians perform short setlists at home. Fitting into this paradigm and the new era of social distancing due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Bronx Science’s very own Wolverine TV has been producing fun, uplifting content for our community to enjoy during the quarantine. 

For the past nine years, Wolverine TV has been producing weekly episodes that are featured in official class every Thursday. Directed, filmed, and edited by students, the episodes are put together every ninth period by the growing WTV crew. They film short segments, such as “Krish’s Crazy Challenges,” hosted by Krish Shah ’21 and “Back at it with Bhatti,” with Ayisha Bhatti ’20. Students and teachers from all grades are featured, and it always brings smiles to students when they see a familiar face in an episode. Fortunately, at a time when we need to see familiar faces more than ever, the crew has been posting weekly videos on the Wolverine TV Youtube channel that feature our community.

Since the switch to remote learning, Wolverine TV’s content has adapted to fit the situation. “We still have ‘Krish’s Krazy Challenges’ and ‘Drama with Samama,’ but others such as ‘Face to Face with Julia and Grace’ have been put on hold, since they’re more difficult to execute,” said anchor Lola Murti ’21. While there has been a slight change to the content, the episodes continue to feature students and teachers participating in trendy challenges inspired by TikTok, a popular social media platform. Recently, Wolverine TV shared an endearing video of our Assistant Principals participating in the viral “Renegade” dance challenge. “To be truthful, I’m embarrassed by my Renegade ‘dance,’ but I know that Bronx Science got a kick out of it, so it was well worth it,” said Mr. Andrew Nasser, Assistant Principal of the Guidance Department and a regular WTV guest. 

Self isolating and the inability to create the show’s classic interview segments has led to a surprisingly positive outcome — more content from Bronx Science’s staff. While producing content the first few days after schools closed was inconvenient, “it got much easier, because we’ve got so many members who each contribute amazing content for our episodes,” said editor and host Samama Moontaha ’21. Moontaha and her team used the plentiful teacher submissions to create games in which students match baby pictures and surprising stories to teachers. 

Along with participating in and watching these challenges, students have been able to learn more about the school’s staff hidden talents due to WTV’s inclusion of teacher performances. In one of the recent episodes, Mr. Chomet and his wife Ms. Parker performed a cover of Sufjan Stevens’s “Chicago,” with wonderful guitar playing from Mr. Chomet and beautiful harmonies from Ms. Parker. The two have loved singing together since they were friends at Bronx Science, and the program’s need for content provided them with the incentive to do so. “Because we’re making something for the entertainment of others, it actually inspires us to do something that we already love to do, but sometimes don’t get around to doing!” said Chomet. 

Wolverine TV is a truly treasured program at Bronx Science, loved by the crew themselves and the rest of the community as well. “The whole team is so devoted and passionate about the school, and I’ve made close friends with a lot of the crew,” said Murti ’21. Many teachers share this appreciation for the people in the program. “To be honest, every episode has been amazing. Seeing the faces of students and staff members has been immensely comforting,” said Mr. Nasser. From the tour of our school on Minecraft, to the TikTok dances, Mr. Nasser and the rest of the community has really appreciated Wolverine TV’s content and the effort that the students have been putting into the videos. “In difficult times, we can all use a laugh and human ‘connection’ in any form. This has been difficult for everyone, adults included, and we should never forget the importance and the impact that a smile, a giggle, or even a belly laugh can bring,” said Mr. Nasser. 

To watch the latest episodes of Wolverine TV, click HERE.

“In difficult times, we can all use a laugh and human ‘connection’ in any form. This has been difficult for everyone, adults included, and we should never forget the importance and the impact that a smile, a giggle, or even a belly laugh can bring,” said Mr. Nasser.