“Not So Ghost”-Town: New York City is Slowly Coming Back


Isaac Rjavinski

Madison Avenue, once the commercial hub of the area, is currently free of traffic.

Armed with a camera and face mask, I set out in search of visions of New York City where people were once again, responsibly, coming out of their apartments and rekindling the spirit of our home. I chose some of the typically busy commercial streets and avenues in my neighborhood to hopefully capture some activity returning to the city.

Third Avenue looking South and looking unfortunately empty. (Isaac Rjavinski)
A clear avenue on Saturday evening. (Isaac Rjavinski)
Lexington Avenue looking noticeably quiet, but signs of life are returning. (Isaac Rjavinski)
Cars return to Lexington Avenue. (Isaac Rjavinski)
Lexington Avenue’s stores reopen to serve the community once again, even during a pandemic. (Isaac Rjavinski)
Park Avenue with no cars; here, a busy two-lane street looks rather spectral. (Isaac Rjavinski)
Tulips in bloom on Park Avenue foretell New York City’s rebirth in the future. (Isaac Rjavinski)
To some, the quiet might even be serenity. (Isaac Rjavinski)
But Madison Avenue is certainly not down for the count, as socially-distanced New Yorkers show support their support by patronizing local businesses. (Isaac Rjavinski)