The Great Outdoors Meets Social Distancing


Isaac Rjavinski

Pink flower bushes bloom in the warm weather bearing fruits of park workers’ labor.

School is virtual only right now, but Bronx Science students can still stay in touch with their friends, provided the appropriate social distancing precautions are taken. My friend from Bronx Science and I went for a walk in Central Park this past Friday (May 22, 2020) donning face coverings and keeping six feet apart – here are some pictures of the park that I took.

The urban beauty of NYC’s iconic street lamps contrasts with the wild nature of Central Park. (Isaac Rjavinski)
The sun shines brightly on an uncharacteristically warm day given how cold it has been in recent times in New York City. (Isaac Rjavinski)
Trees shine green as beacons of hope that the City can persevere through tough times. (Isaac Rjavinski)
We stopped for a moment to catch our breath, taking in the uncharacteristically non-overcast sky. (Isaac Rjavinski)
Small, pretty flowers bloom in the treetops. (Isaac Rjavinski)
More trees and more flowers dot the landscape. (Isaac Rjavinski)
Purple flower bushes sown by New York City park workers bloom in May. (Isaac Rjavinski)
More flower bushes bloom along the main Central Park Drive, free from the polluting influences of cars. (Isaac Rjavinski)
Clouds move in to cover the sky, reflective of New York in the late spring. (Isaac Rjavinski)