Community Service in Our Community


Gazi Fuad

Isabel Bernstein ’20 and Sabin Alam ’20 wear pink for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Community service is one of the backbones of a society that works for everyone, and we are all thankful to the volunteers who beautify our city, engage in awareness campaigns, and help to save lives. To add a bit of context to the community service in and around Bronx Science, I have selected some photos taken before school closed of our students engaged in community service as well as some evidence of community service in my own neighborhood (post-school closure).

Johanna Seppala ’20 donates blood.(Yi Lan Zhang)
Bronx Science hosts its very own Red Cross Blood Drive.(Yi Lan Zhang)
Hanil Chung ’20 holds a pink balloon to raise awareness about Breast Cancer.(Gazi Fuad)
Bronx Science hosts its own Breast Cancer Awareness Day to help save lives.(Gazi Fuad)
A member of my community helped to maintain this beautiful garden in Carl Schurz Park to beautify the city during this difficult time.(Isaac Rjavinski)
Pink flowers bloom in a new spring.(Isaac Rjavinski)
Red bushes grow tall because of volunteers.(Isaac Rjavinski)
Natural beauty is preserved in the city thanks to people’s community service.(Isaac Rjavinski)
NYC’s parks stay green because of the kindness in New Yorkers’ hearts.(Isaac Rjavinski)