The Streets of New York


Taken as the subway doors closed at around 8:00 in the morning.

A Photographic Vision of Our Streets

The streets of New York have long been the subjects of famous photographers such as Bruce Davidson and Joel Meyerowitz. These photographers and the entire street photography movement has defined an entire generation of fine art photography. The photographs that these people made were mostly done in 35mm film, on the fly. The boldness, the vision, and the execution that street photographers, particularly in New York City, are characterized by is an inspiration to my work every time I step outside of the house to make an image. Below are some examples of the photographs I have made over the last two years. Through my own personal vision of New York street photography, I try to add to the canon of work created by some of the greatest photographers known to man.

Taken after school, exiting the D Train at West 4th Street.
New York's streets, especially in the right light, can be teeming with photographic opportunities.
Color photography is also an effective medium for street photography, albeit a more complicated one.
Street Photography is also amazing far away from school.
Street Photography is amazing far away from school.
Street Photography is actually amazing right by school.
Street Photography is also amazing right by school.