Summer in the City


A Summer Hotspot: Washington Square Park

A Summer Hotspot: Washington Square Park

A ‘Cool’ Rainbow: Senior Julia Delmedico takes a break from the heat next to a fountain in Washington Square Park, with a rainbow thrown in as a bonus.

Downtown Manhattan in the summer is filled with fun activities, places to explore, and pretty much anything that you want to do. There is, however, one place that has everything that the rest of downtown has in one spot, Washington Square Park. Anything that you could possibly want from a summer day can be seen or experienced there.

From various jazz quartets, to hula-hoop troupes, to flash mobs, anything is possible in Washington Square Park. Every year, at the end of May, all of these things come out of hibernation to please a whole new crowd of NYU students, tourists, and locals alike. “Washington Square Park is the perfect combination of New York and peace. Whether it be the various musicians bringing the park to life during the day, or the beautiful arc glowing in the night, you will always feel relaxed and at home in Washington Square Park. I don’t know what I would do without it,” exclaimed senior Carly Yu.

When September comes along, fall breezes take over the city, and many of the people who spend their summers in the park entertaining the masses pack their things away. The park and all of its oddities, rarities, and beauty is best enjoyed in summer. I strongly suggest going there at least once this fall,  to enjoy one of the best experiences that Downtown Manhattan has to offer.