Dressing to Impress


Arianne Browne

Josephine Kinlan ’22 believes that “a lot of 90’s trends are making comebacks; I’ve specifically seen low rise jeans, flared pants, and wallet chains become popular recently. I think that certain fashion trends, like plaid, ripped denim, and Jordans will always maintain themselves. They might not be the first option on someone’s shelf, but they become more like staples until styling can make them a fashionable element,” Kinlan said.

As the curtains open on the new decade, some fashion trends from years past have stepped in and reclaimed their spotlight. If you walk into any clothing store, you will immediately be surrounded by bright neon t-shirts, pastel pants, wallet chains, and bomber jackets, all of which were made popular in the ’80s and ’90s. The many fashionable students at Bronx Science have opinions on whether these trends should be brought back and whether they plan to wear them throughout the next decade. 

Fashion is especially valued in our society; it became vastly more modern during the 1920s than it had been in years past. Activewear, loose fitting dresses, and fewer layers came into style and still remain a large influence in today’s trends. Fashion of the past has been viewed as more freeing, and many students here at Bronx Science hope that we can bring this liberating look back.

Trends come and go as the seasons change. Some years, a certain style and its accompanying accessories are “in” and the next year they’re “out.” Specifically, fashion from the 1990s has proved its longevity and resilience. Baggy jeans, platform shoes, combat boots, and denim jackets are all styles that represent the ’90s. They have managed to survive three decades of fads going in and out, still remaining popular and trendy. Josephine Kinlan ’22 believes that, “the mix of trends that we currently have is very fitting for our generation; colorful and bold, but still composed…the ’90s was a time [in which] grunge fashion was very popular; various elements in fashion today have remnants of grudge culture, but are modernized.” We have managed to draw inspiration from a time when no student at Bronx Science was even alive, and have still somehow made it our own. 

Many students at Bronx Science enjoy ’90s fashion and view it as an expression of who they are or aspire to be. Some try to emulate the style of their favorite artists. For example, Sophia Von Kerczek ’22 said she takes, “a lot of inspiration from rap culture… like Ed Hardy.” Additionally, many are opposed to the lackluster nature of current styles. Christine An ’22 went on to say, “I absolutely love that ’90s fashion is making a comeback because 2000-2010 has been lacking a lot recently, so it’s nice to go back to a better time. I think my style is definitely inspired by 90’s fashion, probably because I can’t find inspiration from anything else.”

Saamiya Ahmed
Christine An ’22 said that her style choice “is an extension of my personality. My fashion sense helps me to meet new people.”

Tanisha Khan ’22, finds it interesting that, “90s fashion has been making a comeback because it shows how our generation values fashion and sees it more as an art and appreciates fashion throughout different eras and times.” Fashion is a means of self-expression as well as a way of connecting with each other regardless of our differences. Through the years, many pieces have gone out of style, with many regretting ever wearing them. An, for one, is appalled by some of the clothes that people wore back then and said that she would, “never wear low rise jeans.” However, at one time, low rise jeans and many other apparel of the same era were the latest trends. Is it possible for these latest trends to ever truly go out of style?

“90s fashion has been making a comeback because it shows how our generation values fashion and sees it more as an art and appreciates fashion throughout different eras and times,” said Tanisha Khan ’22.