A moment in time from the Photography Club as it returns to Bronx Science


Darlene Park

Members of photography club learn various different mediums of photography and skills to improve their technique.

As Bronx Science students, we can all understand how tiring a full schedule of academic classes can be. During the day, it is often hard to find relief from the stress that comes with continuous work. But starting this year an opportunity is closer than ever. Every Tuesday afternoon, students can find the Photography Club meeting in Room 124, opening a new world of creativity and relaxation for Bronx Science students.

This year, Darlene Park ’21, Amalia El Nems ’21 and Jiawen Qi ’21 decided to reinstate the Photography Club that was previously disbanded. Collectively, their goal was to bring photography to Bronx Science in a new and unique way. “I think that through allowing for involvement in the arts, students can continue to define their style, discover new hobbies, and relax a little,” El Nems said.

The three wanted to bring all forms of photography to the club, with a specific interest in film. They hope to teach more about the traditional methods of photography in a modern digital age by teaching members about developing their own film. “I wanted to revive the club because I believed photography has its own, unique charm,” Park said. “The excitement while waiting for the film to develop and not expecting what to receive is an indescribable feeling.” 

Members of photography club have many exciting events to look forward to. The club hopes to bring new opportunities to students, including sharing photos with other members. “We are planning to create our own blog for us to share with the world the photos we took. We hope to fill our blog with important events we have attended or simply our daily lives,” said Park ’21.

Already, photography club has caught the interest of many students. “I love photography, and I want to be able to do it even though I don’t usually have the time because of school work,”  said Eliana Halpern ’21. The club caters to students of all levels of photography in hopes of fostering more creativity within Bronx Science. Students who join hope that photography club can give them the opportunity to expand on their interests outside of academics. “At a school dominated by the STEM field, it’s comforting to know that I can pursue a creative outlet,” said Alfast Bermudez ’21.

Even for those who are just looking for a new club to join, photography club can be a great option. Photography is really cool because you can take things you see every day and turn it into something unique based on your perspective,” Halpern said. The club is a relaxing and informative way for students to express themselves. They can watch films about photography, participate in photo competitions and learn about different mediums of photography. All of these activities encourage an artistic and fun environment that is unique from the other clubs available at Bronx Science.

Darlene Park
Vice President Amalia El Nems ‘21 believes photography is a great outlet for students to explore. “The beauty of photography and art is how the original meaning combines with modern perspectives to form an observer’s understanding” El Nems said.













“We are planning to create our own blog for us to share with the world the photos we took. We hope to fill our blog with important events we have attended or simply our daily lives,” said Darlene Park ’21.