Winter Crossword: Music



1. Kanye West’s youngest daughter’s name

2. Noah Cyrus’ fan base name

3. Donald Glover’s stage name

4. “Now I like dollars, I like ______, I like stunting, I like shining…”

5. Name of Eminem’s 2018 album

6. NYC festival held the first weekend of June

7. Khalid sang, “Send me your _____”

9. Name of collab song between Cardi B and Bruno Mars

11. Christmas and ____, name of Ariana Grande’s 2016 Christmas album

13. Solo artist that first appeared as a child actress on Barney

16. a female indie pop artist who sang “Summertime Sadness”

17. Name of Cardi B’s daughter

18. Once in the girl group Destiny’s Child before going solo

19. Robert Grint’s doppelganger

20. Members of Migos: Quavo, Offset, and _____

23. Used to be in the girl group Destiny’s Child before going solo



8. Who sang: “You’re like 9 to 5, I’m the weekend.”

10. Artist who is well known for making her songs about her ex-boyfriends

11. Solo artist who used to be a part of a 5-member girls band

12. A popular EDM duo who sang “Closer”

14. R&B female artist who dated Big Sean

15. Solo artist who sang “Mirrors” and “Cry Me a River”

21. Daniel Caesar’s recent hit album

22. Name of Twenty One Pilots’ newest album

24. Made “God’s Plan”

25. “____, do you love me? Are you riding?…”

26. Artist once in abusive relationship with Chris Brown

Answer Key: